Boat Lift Mate

Boat Lift Mate, allows you to convert your manual boat lift into an electric power boat lift. These power lifts fit most boat and pontoon manual lifts, such as the Shore Station, Shore Master, Hewitt, Newman, Port-A-Lift, Triton, Harbor Master, Hurdle, and R&G and many more!

Each Boat Lift Mate can lift up to 5000 lbs. and features an all aluminum bracket and drive wheel. Comes with a full one-year warranty and includes fittings, wiring harness, circuit breaker, switch, elastic strap and easy-to-follow instructions.

You can see it here:

Boat Lift Mate Universal Boat Lift Motor is a wheel to wheel boat lift motor that make raising and lower your lift effortless. The Lift Mate unit is simple in design and easy to install and operate. This boat lift motor works well with freestanding boat lifts, pontoon lifts and some PWC lifts.Raise and lower your boat lift or hoist with the flip of a switch or using the optional remote.


  • Low Maintenance
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Available in DC 12V or AC 110v models
  • Works on lifts up to 5000 lb. capacity
  • Comes complete with hardware to fit most boat lifts
  • Very easy to install
  • 1 year Limited Warranty

The AC 110 volt unit and now comes with a GFI, ground fault interrupt cord built right in. Power coming to the unit should have a GFI also.The 12 volt DC unit runs off your boats battery or a seperate 12 volt power source (battery on dock with solar panel). It’s safe and circuit breaker protected. Comes complete with all hardware and wiring.

Lift Mate Universal Boat Lift Motor

Fits all Boat Lift Brands
Easy to Install
Simple to Operate
Low Maintenance
Option of 110v or 12v
Lift up to 5000 lbs

This is an excellent upgrade for those that have a boat lift of 5000lbs or under, and will allow for easy operation especially for the elderly and younger family members. The Lift Mate comes with all hardware and instructions for installation which can be installed with basic hand tools.

With the 110v version there will need to be power brought out to the dock. The power coming to the unit should have a GFI including the built in GFI on the lift motor itself, or be installed by a certified electrician. The 12v version is powered from the boats battery or alternate 12v source.

The Lift Mate fits all boat lift brands including: EZ-Roll, Feighner, Floe, Great Lakes, Harbor Master, Hewitt, Lake Shore, Newman Boat Launcher, NuCraft, Port-A-Lift, Reimann & Georger, Shore Master, Shore Mate, Shorestation by Midwest Industries Inc., Starr, Station Master, Triton/Aquamatic, Vibo, All Pontoon lifts and many others.